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How to Play

The Player

He is shadefoot, a soul lost exiled to the depths of an enormous
mountain. There he faces his ultimate challenge, killing the Demon that
is haunting him.

The Player has 4 button control, WASD while attacking with mouse clicks.

The player will attack in the direction indicated by the Candles

Player Regeneration: +2.5 power/(s)

Player Max Power: 100 power


Candles are the red squares with white dots in a circle around the

Candles indicate intended aim.

Description of the Weapons


Choosing the Sword gives you 12 candles total, one every 30 degree
increment around the player.

Power Cost: 15

Move Speed: 120


Choosing the Staff gives you 8 candles total, one every 45 degree
increment around the player.
The Staff gives the player 2 spells, Fireball and Shocks.


A Fireball can only be cast along the 90 degree increments, up right
left and down.

Power Cost: 20

Move Speed: 120


Shocks can only be cast along the 45 degree increments but not the 90
degree increments. up-right, up-left, down-right and down-left. Shocks
appear at a Candle and show for a short cost and time.

Power Cost: 8

Length: 45 Units

Time Active: 0.4(s)


Choosing the Arrow gives you 24 candles total, one every 15 degree
increment around the player.

Holding click will charge the bow.
Releasing click will fire. You will also fire your current charge if hit
when charging.

Arrows also curve based on the last Candle activated.
Note you may activate a Candle but once another is active the one before
it has no more influence on the curve.

Max Charge Time: 2(s)

Power Cost: 16/(s)

Max Charge Value: 32

Move Speed: 66 + 133 * (charged power)/4


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